Counterclaims in Debt Law

Affidavits – Was There an Affidavit Attached? *

Debt collectors use a lot of dirty tricks to get people to default. They want you to think that they have more evidence than they do have so you won’t fight. One way they do this is by attaching affidavits about things they couldn’t know or testify about in a trial. This video tells you why that’s wrong and some of the opportunities it opens up for you.

How and Why to Create a Counterclaim when Sued for Debt

Third in the Seven Steps series of videos and articles, this one discusses the definition and purpose of counterclaims and how to make one if you’re being sued for debt..

How Counterclaims and Res Judicata Work together to Help You

If you’re being sued for debt, you need a counterclaim if possible to keep the debt collector in the suit. This article explains why this is so effective a tactic.

Importance of Counterclaims

Having a counterclaim – especially a good one, but even a weak one if necessary – gives you a big advantage. This video discusses why and what you should do about that.