The Business Records Exception to the Hearsay Rule

Debt collection cases that actually go to trial are often decided on whether the debt collector can get its records into evidence – so that the judge or jury can consider them. They shouldn’t normally be able to do that, but they have tricks up their sleeves to try to do it. The Business records exception is the biggest way to get documents into evidence, and you need to know what to do about it -both at, and well before, trial.

Hearsay-As Close to a Silver Bullet as You’re Going to Get

Your best weapon against the debt collector is the hearsay rule. What is hearsay and why is it so important to you? Watch this video to find out. You must know this rule early in the debt litigation process.

The Rule against Hearsay – Your Best Defense against the Debt Collectors

This is the full article and video on the rule against hearsay. What is it? and why isn’t it allowed? and why does it work so well against the debt collectors? This article and video answer those questions.

Understanding the Business Records Exception to the Rule Against Hearsay

If you are defending yourself pro se in a debt collection action, you will probably win or lose your case depending on how well you understand the rule against hearsay and its main exception in debt cases, the business records exception.