What if (I think) I Really Owe Money?

What if I (think I) Owe?
What if I (think I) Owe?

Do You Owe Money? Think there’s a Moral Duty to Pay if You Think You Might Really Owe Some Money?

You’re being harassed or sued by a debt collector, and you think you might really owe them (or somebody at least) the money. What should you do? Should you fight the debt collector and defend yourself? If you do not, you may end up having to pay twice.

This ebook discusses the moral and practical issues that come when you’re sued for a debt you think you might owe money to someone. Do you have a moral obligation of some sort to roll over and pay? or let them get a judgment? or what does an “adversary” legal system mean to you?

It isn’t that hard to defend yourself, help is available, and this ebook will explain why you should take the step to protect you and what is yours from the ruthless debt collectors.

Your Legal Leg Up is a website and business designed to help ordinary people defend themselves from debt collectors before or during a lawsuit. Many debt collectors rely on unethical and unfair collections methods that violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which is the first and best source of debtor rights, among other laws.

Debt collectors buy huge amounts of the riskiest debt for pennies on the dollar. Then they harass and dun the people who supposedly owe the money for a while, and then they file suit, often against dozens or hundreds of people at a time.

This book looks at the moral questions associated with “owing” money supposedly to the debt collectors and comes up with a conclusion that may surprise you: you may have a moral duty to fight the debt collectors.