Need a Lawyer? Do I have to have a Lawyer when Sued for Debt?

Do I Have to Have a Lawyer
Do I Have to Have a Lawyer

Need a Lawyer? If you’re being sued by a debt collector, do you HAVE to have a lawyer?

When people are sued for debt by debt collectors, that’s one of the first questions they ask themselves.

Most people can’t afford them.

Your Legal Leg Up is a website dedicated to helping people defend what’s theirs from debt collectors by themselves. And I get this question all the time. People want to know if it’s possible to defend themselves without a lawyer, and the answer is, …
Yes, you can do it yourself without a lawyer

Of course there are some fairly big advantages to having a lawyer, from simply requiring less time away from work (as the lawyer can handle some of the courtroom appearances without you), to increasing your chance of winning the case, which a good debt defense lawyer will do.

Lawyers Cost a Lot

But lawyers are expensive – so expensive that they can be impractical or impossible. Some require more money up front than many debt defendants have, or because they charge money for their services along the way, the whole bill becomes more expensive than just losing would be.

And finding the right lawyer is not easy.

Many lawyers, wanting your case, will not admit they don’t understand debt law. They might not even know it themselves. But of course this is critical for your case.

Debt Law is Not Rocket Science

You can do it.

As a Pro Se Defendant you Have Some Big Advantages

If you decide to represent yourself, you will need some help – that’s what we’re here for – but you will have some significant advantages. Suddenly time will be on your side, as long as you manage it well, and you’ll discover that the other side doesn’t have what they need. We can show you how.

This book will help you decide whether you need a lawyer. If you need one, it will help you find one. And if you decide to do it yourself, we’ll be there to help.